why have you been hiding

this from me, MR? this site is positively preggers with brilliance:

Radiohead: … minimalist posters (eg. line drawing of a row of birds on a telephone cable, white on slate gray) on a dorm room wall, technology blogs,… Bosnia, … almost donating to a charity, watching a documentary about the holocaust, 56K modem, traffic jams, accidentally giving someone a data mix CD that they can’t play in their Walkman

Pavement: being sarcastic to the point of aggression around girls you like, eating terribly but remaining scrawny, gray New Balance sneakers mended with duct tape, feeling lame for finding the girl in the Cardigans hot, having your own college radio program, Halloween costumes that are puns, wood-paneled station wagons, bad thrift store art as dorm decoration, the promise of a beer gut on a lanky frame, hanging out at a non-chain copy shop [Is this 80% of the Stuff White People Like list?]

Pearl Jam: the Columbine shootings, walking home from school along a dirty highway, the Blair Witch Project, waiting in the parking lot for your girlfriend to finish her shift at the 7-11, a forest-green JanSport backpack, trying/failing to hitchhike, smoking under the bleachers, Jason Mewes, violent WTO protests, decorating your room with hubcaps/stolen street signs, wanting dreadlocks, leaving your senior page for the yearbook blank, the “Monroe” character from MAD Magazine, Airwalks



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