another unexpected use for duct tape

RJ’s latest lunch theft prevention device: gift wrap.

She writes (to you, reader): “As … you know, I am now at war with an unknown thief in the Harper Center. I have recently found out that there are several others who are continuously having their lunches stolen as well, some even have had sandwiches taken out of their lunch bags!

At first I considered high dose laxatives to get revenge, but I’ve since decided that I’d rather confront them. Let’s hope its not a Boothie and let’s hope its someone else who wanders in and may have no other way to be fed for the day. However, I want to know for sure, so I don’t walk around with a ‘bad taste in my mouth’ about our community.

I’m entirely too feisty to allow someone to continue this without me doing something…but I’m entirely too nice to drug a stranger (at this point).

Many of you have indicated that you want to volunteer for “Patrol duty” in “Operation Happy Meal”. To that end, I have created a google spreadsheet to capture our “army”. Once you’ve signed up on the spreadsheet, I’ll add you to the google group where we can have a private community dialogue.

Sign up here.

I’m excited and actually am finding this whole thing to be a welcome humorous break from the harsh realities of case write-ups, classes and the ongoing rejection from recruiting. Hope you could use a little escape as well and will join in on the fun! I imagine this will all go quickly and that it will only take a matter of days to catch the person, so please join me now! Thanks Friends!”

indeed, RJ. thank you for this fine distraction from recruiting. pretty sure today’s gift wrapping will be signal enough. however, if it comes to it, i’d like tomorrow’s lunch to be duct taped to the freezer. though i do feel bad for the owner of the hot pockets in that photograph, because that’s obviously gonna be lifted instead. if it’s not taken already though…brb.

separately, i submitted “coffee breath” as a potential name for the school’s new cafe, as something literally “lasting” and “representative of the essence of booth.” and in doing so, the googleform asked for my “propossed” name. again, c’mon booth. proofread.


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