GTS = Grumble Tide Sleep?

here is [MR’s] understanding of what happens:

1. system notifies everyone of invites, dreams come true and hopes are dashed.
2. everyone gets drunk, recovers, and decides what they actually want to do with their life, at least this week. accepting/rejecting/bidding ensues.
3. the system needs a nap.
4. system wakes up and everyone finds out when they need to actually know something about all of these companies. classwork grows lonely in the corner.
5. in desperation, some people grab open slots for jobs they’ve never heard of.
6. everyone interviews for stuff, applies for new stuff, and gets drunk again.
7. repeat.


also…mildly irked that the GTS ITP mock interview sign-up page says, “deadline has past.” c’mon career services. i forgive you for sending me a resume template that read “booth of business” but not this misuse of “past.”

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