unsuitable [stereo]linotyping

a summary of uchicago grad school personalities, as reflected in syllabi and exam rules:

Business School: “I will frequently cold-call students and ask them to open the discussion or offer their views on particular points. If for some reason you are not prepared for the discussion, please signal this to me by placing your name card FACE DOWN for that session. Conversely, if your name card is not up, I will assume you are unprepared and make a note of that for your participation grade. If your name card is up, I cold-call on you, and it becomes obvious in the course of your answer that you are unprepared, you will be severely penalized in your participation grade. I consider having your name card up when you are unprepared dishonest.”

School of Social Service Administration [not verbatim]: “remember that a grade is not reflective of your worth as a person but only as an indicator of how much you were able to contribute to this course based on things like your life circumstances, other engagements, time, and interest level.”

Law School: see below.



3 responses to “unsuitable [stereo]linotyping”

  1. Aaron says :

    haha, don't even get me started on MPP programs

  2. pintotowncar says :

    ha but now i want to know!

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