a pragmatic christmas

my family doesn’t really celebrate christmas — or any holiday really — but we use the time off as an excuse to gather, exchange gifts if we feel like it. this year, papa pinto donated this portable speaker for my laptop:

me: thanks! it looks like a tiny vornado
dad: or eyeball. but kind of ke ai [cute], right? it’s like a pod. you can close it up when you’re done and put it in your pocket … [three minutes pass] …it’s an eye…pod! ipod eyepod! do you get it! HAHAHHAHA ipod!

and rained out of our annual shopping extravaganza this year, mama pinto has promised me a smartphone. i don’t want to need one, but i admit that i do. mama pinto simply thinks i need to get with the times. she, who clearly doesn’t trust technology and consequently holds and talks into her own phone like it’s a walkie talkie.

mom: we can go to verizon on sunday. today i have traffic school!
me: for what?? it can’t be speeding.
mom: i rolled through a stop sign.
me: ha! you got a ticket for that twenty years ago in danbury too.
mom: this time, it was a big stop sign. and that other time was a warning.


One response to “a pragmatic christmas”

  1. Jenn says :

    bahahaha my mom is a frequent user of the walkie talkie phone technique as well. rock on.

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