a love letter

someone point me to a finance site that culls:

i) the usual suspects: stock price, market cap, shares out, 52-week hi/lo
ii) only these ratios: P/E (forward), P/BV, maybe a dash of EV/EBITDA
iii) major holders
iv) insider transactions
v) consensus estimates
vi) financial statements for the last five years or longer

yahoo finance has all but in a way that looks like someone just barfed it up all over the page.
google finance is prettier but lacking in substance, particularly items iii and iv.
msn money looks even messier than yahoo, and worse, sometimes automatically points me to the ADR instead of the local ordinary shares.

c’mon google, step it up. make me entirely dependent on you.

as for your evil step-cousin, facebook, however…

email, chat, and text? no way, jose. i only have room for one online behemoth to steal my innermost thoughts and personal data, and that is you, dear google. you had me at gmail beta.


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2 responses to “a love letter”

  1. Johnny says :

    find a bf who has bloomberg?

  2. pintotowncar says :

    ha oh i have access to bloomberg, the superaggregator of all data on the earth. but the presentation of it and all the keys/commands! messy messy messy. i mentioned this once to GZ and he was like, “what are you complaining about? at least you can use a mouse with it now.”

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