how i spent my winter vacation


Hello, dear Reader,

Welcome to tales about my life in Chicago. To get this started right (and with fewer typos, some artistic license), I spent last two days sorting through and pasting hysterical emails, links, and facebook posts chronicling the last six months. So if you click randomly, you might even find an entry starring you. But really, it’s probably still about me … me, me, it’s all about me!

I’m not sure anyone other than me (still about me) will enjoy it, but I’m going to keep this going for as long as it holds my attention. And with as little text as possible, i.e. this blog is to feature nothing serious, no photos with faces of people we actually talk to, no long or second thoughts — unless it’s of the LOL-nature or… this entry, no opinions on anything important, essentially. This blog decidedly unimportant and superficial.

You may be quoted on this blog and cited with your initials. If you are uncomfortable with this, I understand. Just let me know and I’ll remove you or sub in your preferred alias. That said … since this blog is currently private, you may safely assume I have not invited your past and future bosses, or your parents.

This blog-building monster project, which required more of my attention over the last two days than I gave the entire first quarter of Booth, is now over, and I have to do real work again too soon. Ick.

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