east coast vs west coast

on the Investment Management treks, a battle for worse winter weather (freezing and windy in Boston vs rainy and mildly muggy in LA) and my attention span for visits more than one hour long.


– beantown: three people falling asleep during FirmX’s three-hour presentation

– LA: cap’n awesome at FirmY, maybe my favorite. forever a reminder that it’s important to BLOW IT OUT all of the time because life is a competition and only 95% of it is about looks.

– anonymous booth trek alum: “ahhh…Treks. they’re the worst. I did WestQuest and literally got in the elevator after our visit with Bain’s Silicon Valley Office and went on an elevator-ride-length diatribe on everyone on our trip for being so retarded and asking such stupid questions. I continued to say that they were making not only themselves and the rest of us on the trip look bad, but Booth too. I don’t think I made too many new friends on WestQuest.”

– on that note, our slate of *awesome questions*
anonymous IMGer to PM: when a sell-side analyst publishes a sell recommendation, do you sell?
anonymous 2: the high-low. you know what i’m talking about.



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