an early gangstmas

me: i wish gangstas were tomorrow. just moved to wormhole for MORE studying. boo.
MR: my brain is full. FULL.
me: in addition to gangstas, i also wish gangstmas were tomorrow … my brain is like 30% full of relevant information: econ, leftover stats. 70% nonsense especially youtube and xmas cookies pictures, all data needs to be defragmented as well. i hope there’s a question on fonts tomorrow.
MR: oh didn’t I mention? there is a true/false/uncertain about the best font to use for increasing cost industries.

MR: also, I went to visit baby g in her office today. it’s niiiiiice. I want to be her. minus the baby.

later, after i shared this thought with DH…

DH: How did she get to go to her office?? What did they talk about??
me: hahah i have no idea. unrelated: do you think muggings happen on a seasonal basis? like it’s too cold to be hovering about waiting to jump someone?
DH: Probably. And what is gangstmas


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