like it’s 2001

studying at uchicago’s south campus DINING COMMONS (ellis/60th). this was the best decision i have ever made in my life. beyond the priceless undergrad nostalgia, $6.59 paid at 9AM yields (in unlimited quantities, all day):

– nourishment for 12 hours: omelet bar*! belgian waffles! vegan chili! falafel! coffee! *freshly baked* kettle chips!

– excellent study space: harry potter’s dining hall + more natural light + wifi + table that is perfectly at my laptop viewing height

– entertainment in the form of a rotating cast of 18 year old clowns, who deliver choice quotes like, “there is internet, like, in the air right now,” “yo big dick, where’s dirty o?”, “yo big dick! keep it out.”

– unsolicited xmas caroling during the dinner hour! dweebs, boogers, bright eyes, bushy tails.

– hysterical flashbacks to the dorm days, including berkeley’s unit 2 DH omelet chef, who greeted me every day with “WHATCHU WANT, BABY GIRL?”.

can’t get enough, will be back again soon.

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