indifference curves: a real world example

From: C
Sent: Sunday, December 05, 2010 3:54 PM
To: daWPL
Subject: Re: NACHOS

Please see attached nachos.pdf with my 14 new favorite fonts and let me know which one you think I should have tattooed in my mouth. Man, I love nachos.

; nachos )


daWPL replies

DB: having only listened in on half of the conversation last night, i’m still not sure whether you are serious about getting a nachos tattoo or if this is a joke. i hope it’s a joke. if it’s not a joke, then you have to go with #13. I like a lot of the other fonts better for other purposes. but, for the purposes of nachos, it has to be #13.

WG: Haha, IMO, the correct output of the function that maximizes (classiness, practical tattoo implementation, humor) is 10. If you don’t want ten, I’ll take it…Would it be weird if I changed [my tattoo idea] from “Popcorn” to “DB”. I’m guessing probably

DB: Everytime I respond to one of these emails with “I don’t get it”, you call me “adorable”. I’ve reached my “other straight male calling me adorable” quota for the year as a result (forward twelve months, not FY2010), so maybe someone besides WG can chime in with what “Popcorn” means and whether C is really getting a tattoo of “Nachos” under his lip.

C: … DB, this is so real that it almost happened last night, but we decided to put it off for a few days to explore font options. Now it’s just a matter of finding a tattoo artist that will agree to do it.

DB: cool man. i totally get it. nachos. good stuff. just, you know, my one bit of advice… don’t mention this to recruiters. like if your lip is swollen and someone from FirmX asks about it, you might be better off telling them that you got hit in the face with a purse while trying to rob a crippled grandmother than telling the truth. just my two cents.

C: Unless it said “FirmX.” In that case I’d be offered a full-time position on the spot.


me: you think C’s fonts utility maximization will be on our econ exam? because that’s the only thing in my brain right now
MR: if I tattooed the monopolist markup equation on my wrist, she’d have to let me look at it, right?


as if you needed a reminder


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