gets more cute each time

DB: What about this venture capital investment competition? … So right now I’ve got:

 CP, DR, WG, Me, [pintotowncar] has put herself down as an alternate
DR: [pintotowncar] – what did you think was going on for IM during this [thay would make you unavailable]?

Me: revised. i think only miller buckfire is on 1/21 and, since i seem to
 have failed at this networking and recruiting game, i probably won’t have
 much to worry about anyway.

DR: More like Miller Suckfire. I’m in.

CP: Buttfire.

 Killer Cockfire

DR: I’ve got cream for that.
 Winterview Mockfire


Me: all right, i’m only now 100% on board. thanks, cream for team
cockfire. we’re on.

DR: A+
WG: D+ [yes, that is grade for your self-anointed grader paradigm]
DR: D……eeznuts

 [yes, that is grade (sic) for your meta self-anointed grader paradigm]
DB: i actually dont understand whats going on anymore.
WG: C+ ! For playing the “I’m disarmingly adorable” card by pretending you are not highly intelligent
DR: B/B+ for calling DB out and for use of a chk!
WG: A- To you DR, for perpetually ragging on DB and/or awarding points to others when they rag on DB
DB: I keep writing responses and then before I send I pause and worry about what grade it will end up getting. Fuck you guys.
WG: There it is again! That god damn, “I’m mildly self-loathing yet adorable” shit. Gets more cute each time. A-

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