i hate nature — i mean, i love nature.

except that sometimes i hate it. SB and i have both started using eye masks this week, haha. for me, it’s helping. it’s a game of keeping it on in the night though. i may need to use some bobby pins or…this:

boy do i love size distortion.

i dont even think it’s the skylight so much as the bright white shades for the regular windows. blackout curtains would be too dramatic, but i’m tempted. in the meantime, we will track the aussie’s attempts at blocking nature:

v1 of blackout shades: white posterboard, posterboard tacky stuff and tape. failures: i) it collapsed in a day ii) looked awful and iii) was white.

plans for v2: black posterboard to be inserted on the actual window construction, maybe with tacks/pins. we shall see.


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