turkey: quacks, crazies, keepers

in sum: pretty much amazing.

food was kind of meh. turkish bread was delicious, piping hot and fresh and fluffy. olive selection stellar. lamb kebabs and clay pots fabulous. but i was pretty sick of feta cheese all over EVERYTHING. at breakfast once, there appeared a plate of butter sitting in a pool of honey. like the bacon pancake, the look/idea of it is terrible, but they’re two tastes you can combine in sequence easily, so why not at once?

fave activity was ATV-ing and hiking in the desert, which i have zero photos of. also the co-ed, half naked most unsanitary turkish bath with everyone in one room watching each other’s baths/massages, which made one of our trip leaders so uncomfortable that he ran out after the first of four procedures and gave one girl a skin rash. everything in the middle part of turkey (non istanbul ATV/hike/balloon/bath/being called Constanc…tinople by hotel guy/being asked if I was sure that I am from Chicago by Turkish bath guy) i loved. i think it broke up all the istanbul mosque by day, party by night pattern well. w/o the desert days in the middle, would have gotten old, and we probably would have resorted to truth or dare as well.

at the grand bazaar, a vendor actually pulled me aside to tell me i looked tired (this after day four of 3 hrs of sleep/night, and up for 25 hrs at one point). i was like, ‘hey thanks! ass!’

tour guide (with an accent): we will meet at 3PM at cafe stork
SW: can you spell that?
tour guide: stork? it’s spelled STORK

turkish bath guy: where are you from?
me: Chicago
turkish bath guy: no, where are you really from?
me: The Qing Dynasty?

i truly believe our trip was awesome because our trip leaders were.

my classmates on the trip are equally good company…a diverse bunch, some quacks, some crazies, some keepers, haha.

overall fantastic, everything about the trip exceeded expectations, so glad i did it, and you should definitely visit turkey at first opportunity.


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