ok, OK. i get it. we’re done.

oh i enjoyed panhandle texas all right. my next jaunt into oklahoma ok, however? disaster. missed the junction to the major I-44, once we rerouted, discovered this lovely piece is massively under construction, rerouted again and again and again, added 2 hours to drive time after missing detour ramps repeatedly. then! on my last required detour entrance onto a toll road (and i could rant about this too, btw), in a slight panic, terrified of missing this elusive I-44 again, i snagged myself a speeding ticket.

police officer: well hello there…did you know you were going 71 in a 45 mph zone?
me [moronically]: what?! really?!
officer: yes, you were, miss…what did you think the speed limit was?
me [more moronically … i’m honest, what can i say]: 65?
officer: …but that’s —
me: i know, i’m sorry, officer. it won’t happen again.

so $186 actually isn’t so bad because i was also driving on expired CA registration (by two weeks, was planning to get to the IL DMV immediately as recommended by both CA and IL DMV agents … who also cautioned “just don’t get caught speeding on your drive! because they can ticket you for this too, and it’s like 400$]”… heh), and after gazing at my backseat full of boxes and big dreams, the officer let me go on this. phew!

mileage today: record 720
miles i let my dad drive today, at ~60 mph in a 75 mph zone: 60
costs: $186 + 10 mph off my comfort cruising speed. landlord will have to wait 90 more minutes to meet me probably.
other conclusions: lexus rx330 drivers still prove to be the worst drivers on the planet. two tried to shift lanes into me today.


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