the final cut

supermixtape DONE. Finally. Less than perfect, but good enough. And I ran out of blank discs, short just one or two, and refusing to buy anything over the next few days, this is a new awesome because now I have to rank my friends! Not really, but they will be temporarily directed to a shared grooveshark playlist instead.

Dear [Former Firm] Friends Who Made My Bcc List:

Congratulations! This means you will be receiving updates from me more frequently than you even want.

This also means you should have received a mix CD from me today** and I just wanted to provide some color on the track selection. Essentially, I am the cheesiest person on the planet, and these songs loosely reflect the course of my last five years from a youthful, never-worked-a-full-time-gig-before start through the learning, teaching, trials, tribulations, transitions, and dealing with all that brought me to who/where I am today. And further cheese: I specifically included a San Diego artist (Tom Waits) and ended with a Chicagoan. These are some of my all-time favorites, so I hope you enjoy them too.

**A few of you have no idea what I’m talking about, and this is because true to my procrastinating self, I left this CD burning project until the last minute and subsequently ran out of blank CDs. Refusing to purchase anything in the days before I commence the Great Road Trip, you should expect one in the mail in about two weeks instead – so sorry for my poor planning!

In the meantime, please enjoy the playlist on Grooveshark:

pintotowncar’s farewell mixtape [CD-R]

1 M83- We Own the Sky
2 Phoenix-Too Young
3 Le Tigre-Eau d’Bedroom Dancing
4 Tom Waits-I Don’t Wanna Grow Up
5 Nico-These Days
6 Beulah-My Horoscope Said It Would Be a Bad Year
7 Bright Eyes-Bowl of Oranges
8 Dawes – When My Time Comes
9 Built to Spill-Conventional Wisdom
10 Planes Mistaken for Stars-Copper & Stars
11 Damien Jurado-Great Today
12 Radiohead-Optimistic
13 The Velvet Underground-What Goes On
14 Mos Def-Life in Marvelous Times
15 Kanye West-Homecoming


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