bittersweet final days

I’ve already mentally checked out. When prompted to change my work computer password, since it expires in five days, I happily slapped, “NO.”

I must fill out a self-appraisal before the end of the day. Under “Goals,” I may write “Leave.”

And someone asked me for a top five of [my Former Firm] memories. Tons to choose from over *five* years here, and I’ll generate my TOP five by the end of my road trip next week, but for now, definitely in the running for #1: at one of my first management meetings with LS and a troupe of people from [Japanese Public Company]. The company had requested the presence of either [Founding Partner I] or [Founding Partner II] for this meeting, [Founding Partner II] kindly obliged. During the massive business card exchange formality of lots of bowing, nodding, handing off and receiving cards with two hands, [Founding Partner II] mistook me for a member of the [visiting Japanese Public Company] team and gave me his card and shook my hand. And of course, since I was so new that:

i) I was also unsure of what was going on and well, hadn’t met [Founding Partner I] before, maybe I could use a handshake and card? And
ii) I didn’t have business cards, I couldn’t hand back a [Former Firm] logo’ed card. So instead I quietly took a seat on the [Former Firm] side of the table in the conference room, and I think he got it.

And going through old emails this morning, I also uncovered this gem from my days of sitting next to rshxerox2:

“Remember when it cost a quarter and everyone took the stuff home?” – Bill (to KL), on vending machine prices



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