the draft

for my favorites at work. the theme is super cheesy, because i am super cheesy: growing up, carpe diem, transitioning, dealing with each and moving on. i’m pretty much made of cheese. except that i’m lactose intolerant.

tentatively (starred songs are maybes, will be quickly subbed out if i can find something better):

xtc – life begins at the hop
*phoenix – too young
le tigre – eau d’bedroom dancing
*beulah – my horoscope said it would be a bad year
nico – these days
paul westerberg – let the bad times roll
planes mistaken for stars – copper & stars
*radiohead – optimistic [<– iffy. i want radiohead on here somewhere
but all their lyrics are so cryptic! help?]
*bright eyes – bowl of oranges
built to spill – conventional wisdom
the velvet underground – what goes on
mos def – traveling man
kanye west – homecoming. i don’t love this song, but it’s about chicago. i think. and i like that the last line is “maybe we could start again.”


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