building up crystal castle

WG: I tend act a little gay and snobby when it comes to furniture, so please just overrule me if you guys feel differently. … if we’re approaching this with a Ikea/effortless mindset, then I may just ship my stuff to my parents house so it can stay pristine until I can fairy back home after school and swoop it up for my cottage outside of Paris for my new gig at a hedge fund making $2mm a year post-grad.

BG: As you may have noticed, I do not feel strongly about many things about the apartment, but TV (in my esteemed opinion) is a MUST!!!! I happen to be a sports fanatic (NFL, college basketball, soccer, MMA, tennis, women’s jello wrestling, etc. — basically everything but golf). Morevoer, TV really has never been better as an entertainment medium, especially when compared to the movie industry (which is in the doldrums). If you have never seen, The Office, The Wire, Lost, Freaks and Geeks, 30 Rock, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, you are doing yourself a disservice.

SB: I am bringing one suitcase full of vegemite, and another one full of koalas. Actually I might bring half-half because then at least they will have something to eat in the cargo hold.



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