the audition

Real World: Chicago Booth auditions included one classmate with a puppy. I knew I liked LK, but could I love her puppy as well? MinPin, Ivy, and I met up in the OC for a coffee date.

WG: how’d it go? i know her skill set from a trick standpoint is adequate, but im more interested in your thoughts re “fit”
me: typing w one hannd from hospital bc devilminpins bit digits off. joking joking. full report coming shortly.

Interview debrief:

Ivy and I hit it off! I am definitely comfortable living with this particular mini pinscher, despite the breed’s reputation. That said, LK admitted Ivy was “being good” that day, which made me wonder what a bad day entails. Notables:
– Ivy freaked out when little kids approached, and LK admitted this is a strange thing they’ve been working with her on. I don’t see this being a problem anyway, unless you’re packing toddlers in your bags.
– I failed to make Ivy whimper, so instead I made LK do an impression, haha. That was probably the highlight the interview. A human imitating a dog whimper which ironically sounded exactly like a human whimper. This whimpering would be limited to Lisa’s room, if the dog needs to be walked or fed and it senses other people are around. I can certainly take this on, if she just shows me what to do. The dog sleeps most of the time when no one’s around.
– Asked about the mashing / mangling of soft cotton puppy toys as caught on film, LK said Ivy only chews her toys. And socks, not shoes. Though I’d still keep my door closed and stuff off the floor.

Conclusion: I now kind of like the idea of a dog. Blame my parents for not letting me have one?


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