creepsters: a field guide


Hipsters: A field guide

Residents of other neighborhoods in Chicago know Wicker Park by one word: “hipsters.” Nearly every review of a bar or restaurant in the area will mention these dread creatures, who are known to viciously hang out at places in Wicker Park, relentlessly passing judgment on passers-by, possessing terrifying quantities of concentrated scorn that can destroy the self-esteem of anyone who crosses their path without a sufficiently ironic second-hand t-shirt. Their secret knowledge of music and the blue ribbons won by the Pabst brewery makes them effectively invincible on this, their home ground. Should you encounter one, retreat to the nearest bar with a fake-Irish name. Alternatively, just relax — as it turns out, hipsters come to these places to have a good time just like everyone else

me: i insist on seeing the record store where high fidelity was filmed. i’ve decided i find john cusack in real life creepy.
LC: i’ve decided i love creeps. like james spader ahhhhhh!!!!!!!


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